Could Pennies Really Add Up?

Repeat a million times and you’ll have $10 000

Pennies are still money

Many people just toss pennies away or leave them on a dresser drawer, but pennies are still money. Every once in a while, you can read about someone who has amassed large amounts of money by collecting pennies. Some newspapers, especially, love to print these stories.

Is it really worth grubby fingers to pick up a few pennies?

The answer is often yes. There is just no point in throwing away money, and any amount invested will grow. To get more cash, though, do the following: each day, take out your small change and put it aside in a jar. Once a week or once a month, take it in to the bank and deposit it in a savings account or emergency fund. In a year, you’ll have a good sum you can use to pay off personal loans or put towards investments. Putting aside all your small change is often a much faster way to save than focusing on pennies and most people don’t miss the small change in their pockets.

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