Could Pennies Really Add Up?

Repeat a million times and you’ll have $10 000

If you are in a relationship, you will eventually disagree with your significant other over money. Maybe one of you will get a payday cash loan which the other feels is unnecessary. Maybe you don’t agree over how personal loans or credit cards should be divided up. Whatever the disagreement, you will need to resolve the issue. Here’s how to disagree about money without making the argument relationship-ending: 1.Set up your finances to win. If you and your significant other do not often agree about money or spending habits, consider keeping as much of your finances separate as possible. Separate accounts will minimize the number of arguments you have. 2.If you disagree, focus on finding solutions together. If you need to get out of debt, don’t start your discussion about the debt by accusing the other person of overspending. Instead, focus on what can be done now to resolve the problem. 3.Bring up problems right away, but gently. If there is an issue, work to clear the air at once. Don’t let resentment and anger build. Make sure to speak gently, as well. Don’t accuse your significant other about their habits. Focus on what bothers you and work together to find a solution.…

Huge money wastersSome things just don’t belong in your budget. These money wasters can eat up a lot of your paycheck, can make you reliant on payday cash advances, and can make it hard for you to get financially healthy:
-Cigarettes are not useful, they cost a lot of money, and in most places, they come complete with a hefty sales tax. Cigarettes are also terrible for your health and can increase your dental costs, health insurance costs, life insurance costs, and future medical costs. These are one of the most expensive items on your budget for this reason.
-Gambling can easily become an addiction and it is very easy to gamble away more than you intend to. Many people gamble because they think they will eventually win back their money, but this is an illusion. The chances of you earning back your losses are very, very tiny. Many people become dependent on personal loans and payday loans to feed a gambling addiction.
-Psychic services, party lines, and other paid entertainment services add very little to your life but they can be very costly. Many of these services charge a hefty per-text message or per-minute phone charge which can quickly add up.
-Any sort of convenience food – from take out to shredded cheese to peeled garlic to chopped celery – costs more than the simpler product. Avoid paying more by looking for simple foods. Buy foods at your grocery store or farmer’s market and prepare it yourself.…

Many people just toss pennies away or leave them on a dresser drawer, but pennies are still money. Every once in a while, you can read about someone who has amassed large amounts of money by collecting pennies. Some newspapers, especially, love to print these stories.

Is it really worth grubby fingers to pick up a few pennies?

The answer is often yes. There is just no point in throwing away money, and any amount invested will grow. To get more cash, though, do the following: each day, take out your small change and put it aside in a jar. Once a week or once a month, take it in to the bank and deposit it in a savings account or emergency fund. In a year, you’ll have a good sum you can use to pay off personal loans or put towards investments. Putting aside all your small change is often a much faster way to save than focusing on pennies and most people don’t miss the small change in their pockets.…